The Introverted Republic Grand Opening!!

I am excited to announce the birth of The Introverted Republic. With all the chaos and noise that has been going on around in the world makes every introvert want to burrow deeper into their safe place. At least here at The Introverted Republic we can be amongst those who want to lay low and focus on things that bring joy to our little corner. All non introverts are welcome to lay low with us.

I am elated to also announce the partnership with Walking Art made by Malissa Longo.  She has been a long time friend, a talented artist, and an inspiration to me and many others that her presence has touched. The Introverted Republic will be one of the places that we get to enjoy and share her art and stories.

There are many exciting things coming soon to The Introverted Republic that you don't want to miss. So subscribe and check back for more! 




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